7pcs SPICE RACK GLASS JARS 100ml BARRIL 28681037 K12

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Set Condiment Barril

7 units comprises: 1x plastic ABS carousel 6 x Spice glass with silicone seal and a plastic cap with a volume of 100 ml.

Spice jars have versatile based on the cap, which is provided with three different openings - fine rough universal. Spice is suitable for finely ground, but even rougher spices and so are ideal for the type of spice cloves and whole pepper. The dishwasher can only give the glass part of the spice.

Width (cm): 14 Height (cm) 17 Volume (ml) 100

Number of pieces in set: 7

Material: Glass / ABS plastic / metal

Color: Clear / black

Dishwasher: No

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