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A healthy body support

Thanks to the use of technologically advanced design solutions, Altaflex uses a new pocket spring system that is capable of ensuring durable personalized support, exceptional ergonomics and pleasant cushioning for every potential customer. The numerous quantity of springs permits a better adaptation of the mattress to the column.

The springs are enclosed in small pockets in order to guarantee a higher comfort. From the technological improvement of the traditional pocket springs, Altaflex has developed the micro springs . Each single spring is smaller than the traditional one, so that there are more pieces and more comfort.


The technology of pocket springs provides the traditional support of spring mattresses and a greater softness that embraces the complete body. Pocket spring mattresses are made in order to adapt to the spinal column, support the body correctly and prevent backage and muscular cramps. One of the advantages of pocket spring mattresses is the good ventilation within the mattress due to the side holes where aerators are applied. Therefore, these mattresses are perfect for people who have sweating problem during their sleep.

At the moment, the pocket spring mattresses are the best spring support on the market, the most sold and long-lasting one.

  • Ergonomic support

  • Independence in Movements

  • Reliable

  • High internal ventilation

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Good suppor

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